3 Signs Your Car Needs a Professional Service

There are certain signs you shouldn’t ignore when driving your car, if you wish to stay on the road, you should have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals to maintain performance. It is important to follow your manufacturers guidelines and schedule a check-up whenever your car requires one. If you encounter some of these symptoms, it’s a sure sign your car needs immediate care.

  1. Poor Driving Performance

If you’ve noticed a reduction in driving comfort, there may be components of your vehicle that need to be checked. When you hit a speed ramp, you may feel the bump a bit more than expected or your car might feel like its riding a little low, these are all signs you need to schedule a service.

If you are driving over speed bumps and your car hits the ramp heavily, there could be a problem with your shock absorbers. The only way of finding out for sure is to book a car service in Canberra or wherever you currently reside. If you notice any of these signs or you hear your wheel rubbing off the arch, your suspension could be damaged.

  1. Warning Lights

All modern vehicles are equipped with warning lights that tell the driver there is something up with their car. If you notice a yellow or red engine light has come on in your dashboard, you should get your car to a garage right away. Engine trouble can be expensive, especially if you don’t attend to problems immediately.

Some vehicles also have a service light which will come on when your car is due for a maintenance check. It is best not to ignore this light for too long as your car may need an important service.

  1. Strange Noises

A strange noise emitting from your vehicle is a definite sign it needs to be examined by a mechanic. Here are some common problematic sounds to look out for when driving your car.

Whining – If you hear this noise coming from under the bonnet, there may be a problem with your timing belt, it could also mean there is an issue with your battery or radiator.

Excessive Exhaust Noises – An old exhaust can make noise at times, but excessive cracking or banging could mean it is damaged and needs repair.

Idling Sounds – When your vehicle isn’t moving, but the engine is turned on, you shouldn’t hear any noise. It should tick over with ease, but if its struggling whilst idle, you’ll need to schedule a service.

Scraping – If you hear any part of your vehicle scratching over another component, you should have it investigated. It could be metal scraping off another part of your car causing serious damage to your vehicle.

It is important to follow the manufacturers guidelines when it comes to servicing your vehicle, if you wish to keep it in excellent condition you must have it checked on a regular basis. There are certain things you can do yourself, but other problems are best left to a professional mechanic. If you notice any of the problems listed, book a service immediately.

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