7 Things to Consider When Renting a Car for the First Time

Whether you’ve been driving for years or you’ve only just passed your test and you’re ready to get out onto the roads, there are many things you need to consider when renting a car for the first time. Without reading up about the whole process and getting the necessary information that you need, you could end up with big problems on your hands. Here are seven things to think about before signing any papers to rent a car.

  1. How long have you been driving?

Some companies won’t even hire out their cars to drivers who are new to the road, so you might have a big job finding one that will accept your application if you’re a new driver. If you’ve been driving for several years, you shouldn’t have a problem hiring a car, as long as you can prove that you are qualified and have been driving for a certain length of time.

  1. How old are you?

Even if you’re been driving for a while, rental care companies are very reluctant to hiring cars to anybody under the age of 25. If you are over the age of 25 and you have a driving license, you should be able to rent a car Blackburn without any issues at all. If you’re younger, however, you might not be able to find anybody who will lease a car to you.

  1. How long do you want to rent the car for?

Many car companies won’t rent the cars out for shorter than a week or so. If you only need a car for the day, renting one might not be the best option. There are usually standard charges and minimum fees, which make the cost of hiring a car for just a day or two very expensive.

  1. Are there any surcharges?

You should look into this with the particular company that you are considering renting a car with. Each company has their own fees and surcharges, so they won’t necessarily be the same for every single applicant. However, some of them will be standard surcharges, such as young driver surcharges, extra fees if you need to return the car later than opening hours, fees if you plan to travel with children and a surcharge if you want GPS included with the car.

  1. What size of car do you need?

If you don’t need a big car, it will save you plenty of money if you go with the smaller size. The smallest size of car available is usually the cheapest, so unless you’re hiring a car to go on a road trip with several friends, or you have children who need to fit in the car with other equipment, you won’t need to hire something that is very big.

  1. Why are you hiring the car?

If you’ve only just passed your driving test and you just want the experience of hiring and driving a car for a few days, it could turn out to be a very expensive experience. Rather than rushing into hiring a car for yourself to experiment with for a while, put the money towards buying a car that you will be able to keep for much longer.

  1. Do you understand your responsibilities?

Many people fail to understand that once they have signed the contract and agreed to lease a car for an agreed time period, they are responsible for the car and anything that happens to it. Of course, there will be insurance in place in case any accidents happen, but you still need to take every necessary precaution to keep the vehicle out of danger.


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