8 Main Types Of Boats You Can Consider To Import To Australia

There’s no doubt that Australia has some spectacular beaches, picturesque seaside resorts and translucent lakes. In short, Australia offers a great scope for fun on the waters and in that case, you should have a boat.

You have to assume that there are benefits as well as risks associated to the purchase of boats. People normally think of purchasing expensive products like a yacht or a boat locally. However, exploring global markets may be worthwhile as you might get a fantastic deal on a great boat for a much lesser cost from vendours who are looking for expanding their business.

Importing a Boat to Australia from Overseas

While importing a boat to Australia, you can either import it straight from the vendour or through a boat broker.

A lot of risks are eliminated when you work with boat brokers and also they provide a wide range of designs. Some of the crucial factors that only experts should check are mechanical soundness and seaworthiness.

Hiring a professional logistics company also eliminates much of the headache in the process of importing a boat. For example, you can import a boat from Dazmac Logistics who takes care of all the formalities including paperwork, quarantine clearance, customs clearance and more.

Types of Boats

While planning to buy a boat from the USA and importing it to Australia, you get a range of options in the form of various types of boats. Here are some major types you should consider and then make a decision.

1. House Boats

If you want the ultimate luxury of enjoying a bright morning with sweet sounds of chirping birds or colourful sunset sipping a cup of tea, a super-luxurious houseboat is your best bet. It includes a range of amenities such as sound systems, microwaves, washing machines and more.

2. Pontoons

If you are a water-lover who is not really looking for high speeds, you should import a pontoon. Pontoons are great for slow, ambling trips on open water. They are commonly known as party boats and are perfect for a large number of people to gather on.

3. Yacht

Yachts are designed with rich looks for people having a high status. They are equipped with luxuries like air conditioning, cooking appliances, refrigerators and more.

4. Sport Fishing Boat

As the name suggests, a sport fishing boat is mainly meant for sport fishing but is quite versatile. Fishing boats are built to navigate several different kinds of waterways so that you can chase several different fish species.

5. Kayak

If you are looking for some excitement and thrill in your life as you are a sporty person, a kayak is the way to go.

6. Bowriders

A bowrider is a versatile type of boat designed for everything from a simple day trip to water skiing. While in the past, the size of these boats was limited, today larger models are being built, typically with accommodations that may range from enclosed heads to full-sized cabins.

7. Cruisers

Cruisers come in an extensive range of sizes and styles. Its most basic form is any powerboat with a galley, overnight accommodations and a range to take you to distant ports. They usually have relatively fast cruising speeds and can range anywhere from 30’ to 100’ mega-yacht size.

8. Catamaran

A catamaran features two equal-sized hulls parallel to each other. It’s a geometrically-stabilised watercraft, obtaining its stability from its wide beam instead of from a ballasted keel like a monohull sailboat. The word ‘catamaran’ is derived from a Tamil word ‘Kattumaram’ meaning ‘logs tied together’.

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