Before Buying Any New Car You Must Understand the Differences between Different Cars

There are many different varieties of cars available today, and sometimes, it becomes very confusing to decide which type of car will be most suitable for you. Do you need SUV car or will a sedan be just enough for your family? Try to get yourself familiarized with different varieties of cars, before you make an attempt to answer this question.

Following are few kinds of cars that are available for Mercedes Benz van or any other car brands available in the market.


There are certain types of car whose roof can be retracted. It can be either cloth top or it can also be hardtops. You can get few SUVs also with such facilities.


These cars have 2 full sized doors with a fixed roof over the car. As compared to sedan car, these cars are little smaller and have back seat too.


If you add 2 more doors in the coupe model, then it can be called sedan. Such cars have also back seats where 2 to 3 people can easily be accommodated. For big family, larger sedan car can be preferable.


During 1980, hatchback cars were very popular. It disappeared from the road soon. Now those models are again coming back in a big way as many luxury car manufacturers are also considering about marketing such cars. Such cars have 2 or 4 doors and a rear cargo hatch that gets blended into the car.

Station Wagon

Station wagons can be considered as close related cousins of 4 door sedan cars. Once upon a time this was considered as a preferable family car. This offers facility to accommodate 5 passengers along with cargo space. Wagon cars can be comfortable for those who are familiar with driving coupes and sedans.


Minivan appeared in the market during 1980 to replace the big car and station wagon and full-size vans. They can be considered as exclusive variety like crossover. Minivans can accommodate 7 passengers. However, temperature setting for rear passenger and front seaters may be different. Market for such variety is stagnant however little push is given by adding few features of luxury cars.


Within the last decade market of van has totally transformed. Modern vans are not only fuel efficient but are very convenient and easy to drive as well. You can also get small sized van too.


Crossover models are used not only as passenger car but they are also viewed as sports utility vehicle with cargo hauling abilities.


When you want to carry more people and cargo then you can prefer this however in cities it is little difficult to maneuver.

You can choose your vehicle according to your need.

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