Change oil in your car at regular intervals

Many of the car manufacturers have extended their period of oil change interval. This has resulted in many questions being asked by the car owners regarding the correct car oil change interval. Modern oils have enhanced the engine life and also protect the vital components much better than before. Due to this, many engines are now changing oil after running the car for 12,000 kilometers. Every car should be serviced at least minimum two times in a year or after every 7,000 kilometers regardless of the recommendations given by the car manufacturers. Several reasons can be cited for car oil change at fixed intervals.

Engines consume oil, and when it runs out of oil, it can turn catastrophic. Most people do not check the oil, and therefore, the engines remain low on oil throughout. If you wait for another few kilometers then you may have to run the car empty. As the mileage becomes higher, more oil is consumed by the engines, so oil change interval is recommended.  If you change the oil at regular intervals, then the life of the engine will get extended. Clean crude keeps the oil seals soft and prevents leakage. Dirt and moisture built upon the oil can have severe consequences if the engine is left like that for an extended period.

Benefits of oil change

There are several benefits of changing the oil of your car at periodic intervals. The primary objective is to keep the engine in smooth condition to its most significant potential. When you change oil regularly, it will not only save your engine but will save a lot of money too. With time, the oil breaks down and gets thick that restricts a free movement through the engine. The debris produced by engine clog ups the oil filter and then passes through the engine and causes its malfunctioning.

Keeping the oil fresh and clean is essential for maintaining the engine in good running condition. Regular oil changes extend the longevity of your engine and offer you a trouble-free life. You can know when to change the oil of your car. When the engine light on the dashboard comes on, check the oil. When you run with low oil it can damage your engine because in low oil, the engine would stop running. Another sign is oil leakage in the garage or driveway. If you observe oil spots get it checked by a car technician as the leakage will need repair.

Call a mechanic

Call a mechanic for an oil change if you do not have experience with the cars. A mechanic shall change the oil and also check the areas that need attention. He may test the battery, the belts, and the spark plugs. He may check other parts of the car that need attention. After reviewing these things, you will have your peace of mind that your car is in an excellent running condition. If you know these aspects, then go for oil change interval by yourself.

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