Driver Tips

How to Choose a New Driver

The key to selecting the right driver is attempting plenty and keeping a balanced view.

However… You should know clearly what it’s you would like from your driver so you finish track of the right driver for you personally. To obtain the optimum ball flight, carry distance and total length you have to make certain you’ve got a mind and shaft combo that is ideal for you.

The overall rule is when you’ve got a slower swing speed (90-100mph) you’ll need a softer tipped shaft, having a high loft mind…say 10.5* or 12*. The main reason you’ll need it is because a slower swinging golfer cannot load the club as hard like a more powerful golfer, the ball won’t go as far, therefore a greater launch and spin rates are needed.

Alternatively finish from the spectrum, a golfer with a high swing speed, (105-120mph ), would want a golf club mind with between 7.5* to 9.5* coupled with a shaft which has a very stiff tip to help keep the ball spin at 2,500 and launch position around 11*.

I personally have experienced driver woes during the last few years when i chopped and altered, but never found the right driver. I have tried personally lots of different heads and shafts, different lengths and grips to decipher it. However, I finally found the right driver in my swing. I swing the club around 120mph and also have always used an additional stiff shaft… however things i did not know was just how much the end stiffness varied on every shaft. I used to be getting more powerful in the gym and also the shafts that I did previously use had tips which were far too soft. Models such as the Fubuki… that have been great shafts but simply launched the ball high with an excessive amount of spin. I believed it was a problem with my swing action until I discovered a custom fitter who described all of this too me. He kitted me by helping cover their a really stiff tip shaft having a 9.5* loft mind. After that I began hitting the basketball just like a frozen rope. It never moved from the line it began on… which obviously left us a happy golfer.

Things I learnt never was pass the flex from the shaft or reviews using their company people. Go and check out these clubs and shafts on your own before you find the appropriate driver for the swing action.

The perfect flight either player wants is one thing very direct and flat. When the ball starts climbing an excessive amount of in to the sky… distance and control are lost. You will get great versatility having a driver that launches properly. It will likely be great downwind, into wind and simpler for different shapes of shot.

For much better players you should possess a driver that you could hit knock lower shots with and switch for both. Also, you may need a club that’s simple enough hitting when you’re not playing your A game title, or perhaps your swing is a touch off.

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