Making this World a Better Place: A Story on How Don Forman “Pays it Forward”

Paying it forward is not new. People use this expression to mean showing gratitude for all the blessings you received by helping others. Even if it’s a popular concept, not all understand the true meaning of “paying it forward.” For most people, as long as you did something good for others, regardless of your motive and the outcome, it’s considered as paying forward.

This is not the case with Don Forman. Having reached the epitome of success, Don felt the need to share his blessings with his needy and less fortunate neighbors. His concept of paying it forward means you have to consider how you can help these people. With the goal of providing something very helpful and useful to the different families, Don carefully thinks what kind of assistance is most appropriate for every family he meets. From this alone, you can tell that he genuinely cares about these people. His passion to serve goes deeper than mere lip service and compliance.

To date, there are more than 500 stories of lives being changed with one simple act of genuine kindness from Don. If you look at footages shared by Las Vegas Fox5 Surprise Squad, you will be moved to tears because even if you’re only viewing it, you felt that the help given is something that those families really needed that time. It’s as if somebody above heard their prayers and cries for help and sent somebody who could solve all their problems in an instant.

You will be surprised to know that Don started the whole Surprise Squad concept with a simple thought of how he can alleviate the burdens of the struggling families in his community. Yes, pity is good but doing something about that pity is what matters. Don did more than just feeling sorry for these people. He even carefully planned how he is going to sustain his project. If you take a closer look, you will realize that what’s really moving about Don is he took his idea seriously and made an unwavering commitment to do something valuable for his community.

Don’s story is a great motivator for those people who believe that something great and unexplainably good comes out of genuine humanity. It is also a story that would make us all realize how one person’s commitment can make this world a better place for everyone else.

Let’s learn from Don and let’s help him rekindle the spirit of love and compassion.

The Message from Starfish Story: A Look into the Life of Don Forman

One day, while walking on the shore, an old man saw a boy picking up one starfish after another and throwing them back to the water. The old man told the boy that there are just too many starfishes and he can’t bring them all back to the water. The boy just continued with what he’s doing and the looked at the old man, smiled, and said: “I made a difference with each one.”

Don Forman is like the boy in the story who is so committed to helping one needy person after another and would never be shaken by the fact that there are too many needy people in the world. For him, helping as many as he can mean he was able to make a difference in these people’s lives.

Don Forman is already an established and successful businessman, owning a wine cellar and a Nissan store in Las Vegas and another Nissan dealership in California. Though he is a very competitive businessman, he never forgot to look after his needy neighbors. It was 4 years ago since Don first conceptualized about the Surprise Squad. He wanted to create a venue wherein he can go around and visit needy families and check out how he can help them improve their lives.

Despite the stresses and demands of daily life, Don never gave up on this idea. Day after day, his passion to make a difference in the lives of the people, one family after another, only became stronger. He held on to that idea and committed himself to find means and resources to carry out his plan for a long time.

To this day, there are already more than 500 families that Don have helped. He carefully studied the circumstances of these people and finally thought of the best way to afford assistance. He even brought some of his friends on board just to help as many needy people as he can.

Not only that, but Don has also passed on to his staffs his virtue of kindness and compassion. As a matter of fact, in the mass shooting that happened last year at Route 91, Don and his staffs were the first few people who went onsite to offer help without any questions or prejudice.

What’s great here is the fact of how an idea, commitment, and persistence of one person changed the lives of many. Indeed, Don is a blessing to all the many starfishes of the world.

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