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Vehicle Dealers – Purchasing the New Volkswagen Polo

Have you ever seen the completely new Volkswagen Polo at the local vehicle dealers yet? You would not be blamed for mistaking it for any golf, however if you simply look carefully, it’s there. The brand new fifth generation polo is slightly bigger both in width and length towards the past models, and it has exactly the same headlights and bumper shape because the VW Golf this is why, this is an easy mistake to create. From some angles it also looks rather like the seat Ibiza, however when you see past these similarities and see it as being a vehicle on its own, something really attractive and fascinating emerges.

You can perform a lot worse that drive round the city in one of these simple Volkswagen have were able to catapult the dated Polo in to the twenty-first century, and also have by doing this managed to maintain your competition. It’s modern searching, otherwise just a little severe however it can be bought in the vehicle hue of as soon as which is always, white-colored. Regrettably the inside lets it lower slightly, as areas of it really are a bit dated aesthetically.

A large plus, that the vehicle dealers is going to be advertising, without doubt, is always that it is among the safest cars in the class. It received a five star rating during crash tests that will clearly be considered a big appeal, although for more safety you’d need to pay around £550 for that curtain airbag system.

The cost from the new polo is competitive when compared with its rivals, by using it being less expensive than the Vauxhall Corsa, the Renault Clio and also the Ford Fiesta. You’d believe that the reduced cost could be an indication of cheap design, parts or passing up on some extras, but you’d be amazed at what you can get for the money using the Polo. Ask the local vehicle dealers try it out along with a tour round the features and you will soon understand how good outfitted it’s.

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