What Are the Common Types of Cracks on Your Car’s Windshield?

The cracks on your car’s auto glass are one of the common hazards while driving on the roads of Georgia, USA. There are many causes of cracks on the car’s windshield like, an object could plummet on your car, or simply just an accident on the roads of Georgia, USA, or maybe somebody throws a rock at you. We understand that these are quite involuntary in nature. Sometimes, cracks can also form on your windshield slowly, but as the time passes, it might just expand and distort our line of sight. When this occurs, it is quite unsafe for us to be on the road. Not only, it obstructs the view, but your glass may shatter anytime as well. Below are more types of crack that might appear on your windshield.

  1. Stone chip

Stone chip is a kind of crack that is caused by a rock that hits the auto glass of your car and consequently, it leaves a small part of the glass to come off its surface.

  1. Bull’s eye

Bull’s eye is a type of crack that is caused by a rock or a circular object similar to it. A chunk of glass gets removed from the surface due to the impact of the object.

  1. Combination break

This type of crack occurs on your auto glass when it is hit by the several kinds of objects.

  1. Half moon

Half moon is similar to the Bull’s eye crack. It is caused by a rock or an object similar to it. But it results in breaking the glass but not in a complete circular shape. It is also called a Partial Bull’s Eye Crack.

  1. Cracked chip

Cracked chip is a single crack of a size of a quarter and it usually has an impact point. Mobile auto glass services in Suwanee will help you in repairing a cracked chip even if you are on the go. The companies are located in Georgia, USA in metro Atlanta.

  1. Long crack

This type of crack sizes over six inches and it is likely to spread anytime soon.

  1. Edge crack

Edge crack is a type of crack that occurs within two inches of or at the edge of the car’s windshield. It occurs immediately after the impact on the windshield and begins at 10 to 12 inches long, spreading more and more over time.

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